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Friday 7 February We arrive in Aberdeenshire, and it is warmer in the lowlands of the Scottish highlands than it is in Cépie, the highlands of the French lowlands.   There’s  a blue sky, flocks of fluffy sheep on snow-clad hills, and a bolt of sunshine moving at a measured pace across the sky.  We […]

This new year woke up with a shock before it had even properly got going, indelibly stamping it as a vintage of reflection and resolution, and making it difficult, in the French fashion, to wish people a ‘happy New Year’ the whole month through. Charlie will not easily be forgotten. But we have incredible sunsets […]

The last barrels have finished fermenting, and all the grape juice has now turned into wine. The vines know that the game is over: their leaves turn gold and then drop, one by one, to the ground. Birds swarm overhead and prepare to migrate. Suddenly the weather is colder, and a warning chill blows down […]

Glorious September continued into glorious November, and summer sits on our plateau like a guest who won’t leave. Just when you think it’s on its way out,  it leans forward and says, « Well all right then, just another little one please.  If  you insist », and lingers for another round.   It is utterly magnificent.  That’s […]

Every harvest presents its own challenges, and this one is no exception. Most challenging of all has been the weather. They say – actually, we say too – there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ harvest, there are only ‘bad’ winemakers, who haven’t responded to the weather’s challenges in the right way. But when […]