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Here you see what Galileo’s equation is all about: wine = liquid sunshine. Now all we have to do is add it up. The harvest of 2011 is over. Short and sharp, it was the most compact and condensed anyone can remember on our plateau. Eclectic, electric, confusing – we were kept on our toes […]

All dressed up, ready to go, and made to measure: meet our new Crémant de Limoux Magnum. We like things big at Rives-Blanques, so it was time for our Blanc de Blancs to be brought up to size – not quite two metres tall, but a good bottleful of bubbles none the less. (One star […]

There’s something interesting going on in the vineyard. Look at these pictures of the same vine taken at the same time this year and last year : late last month, the grapes were about three weeks ahead of themselves. Today they are almost back to normal. Why ? The most convincing theory is that they are unusually […]

Meet a mauzac at the end of May, and marvel: what a difference a month can make. The flowering of the vines this year was a textbook affair – no complaint about weather conditions, it stayed clement and friendly throughout. And just when we thought we might start worrying about a lack of water, the […]

It has been a warm, sunny April – the warmest, sunniest first April fortnight in France since 1875. And nothing says it more eloquently than this 45 year-old chenin blanc, photographed at exactly the same time this year and last year. As you can see, we are two to three weeks ahead of schedule – […]