Capable of producing a large variety of wines, from dry to liquoreux through to sparkling wines, Chenin can express terroir better than almost any other variety. It is sometimes called the Cinderella of grapes, because the differences in quality – resulting from different climates, yields and soil types – are so marked. Chenin Blanc is sublime when these factors are mastered, as in the Loire, where it is most at home. It is capable of producing wines of great finesse with probably the greatest ageing potential of all white wines. In a region not known for its chenin blanc, Château Rives-Blanques’ special terroir places it uniquely for the extremely successful cultivation of this grape variety, showing the beautiful expressions that it is capable of. Dédicace, winner of the gold medal of the Grands Vins de France comes from un-cloned 40 year-old vines, amongst the first to be planted in the Languedoc. Chenin adds structure and vivacity to our two special blends, and our chardonnay-chenin Country Wine. It is a crucial addition to the Rives-Blanques range of sparkling wines.