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There is no sign of the bubble bursting, says Gilbert & Gaillard in an article on sparkling wine in its latest edition.   In fact, Champagne sales are still remarkably buoyant, and the five biggest markets for other French sparkling wines have shown significant increases in demand. The sparkling wines from Rives-Blanques were described as ‘very […]

Bettane and Desseauve are possibly the best-known wine-writing duo in France.  Their new 2012 guide to the best wines in the country particularly favoured the Rives-Blanques chardonnay, both oaked and unoaked. The writers lament the fact that inspite of the promise of  France’s “new California’,   the wines of the Languedoc have fallen into a […]

The glossy French wine magazine l’Amateur de vins & spiritueux made an in-depth feature on the wines of the Languedoc in their latest quarterly edition.  The world’s biggest wine region boasts 18 appellations, with 38,000 ha. of  vines destined for appellation wines.  Aimé Guibert, the iconic Languedoc winegrower, said the region has a ‘magnificent’ future, […]

Organic wines are popular, says Perswijn, the leading wine magazine in the Netherlands, but there may be other ethical ways of growing grapes worth considering.  A discussion about Agriculture Raisonnée (sustainable viticulture) with Rives-Blanques, a vineyard that practices both “Raisonnée” and “bio”,  and is known for its environmentally-friendly philosophy, gives its editor a good reason […]