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Monday October 2 Well, we have certainly struck gold.  Our late harvest Chenin blanc, Lagremas d’Aur – which means tears of gold – has gone and won itself not one, not two, but three stars from the brand-new Guide Hachette 2018. It is the only wine labelled IGP Pays d’Oc that was so highly rated.  It […]

Tuesday August 1 The weather has been blowing hot and cold.  Right now it’s cold in the South of France. And it’s raining in the south of Ireland, where we are.  It’s almost a comfort to know that in a world of changes, some things never change.  Like Ireland’s weather: full of scattered spells and […]

Monday July 3 2017 Well, this month has started off all in a rush.  After a cool and covered week, the sun threatens to shine through again.  Or does it?  But we do get a nice bit of sunshine from an unexpected source: Scotland.  Its leading daily newspaper, The Scotsman, carried a wonderful review of […]

Friday 2 June Today and yesterday, two “fruit days” in a row, descending, waxing  moon, a mix of rising and ebbing tides: not the very absolutely best days in the world for bottling wines, but by no means the worst by a long, long shot either.  Besides, there wasn’t much choice. And we’re very happy! […]