• chenin blanc 2
  • chardonnay 3
  • chenin blanc
  • Mauzac
  • 2 bunches
  • Rootstock
CHARDONNAY (Guyot) 9 ha

CHENIN BLANC (Cordon de Royat) 2.4 ha

MAUZAC (Gobelet) 7 ha



All vines for the appellation wines are harvested by hand (35 hl/ha to 45 hl/ha yield). Many of our vines date back to 1972/3 when the planting of chardonnay and chenin blanc was authorized in Limoux, although there is some mauzac predating that time. Most of our vines were planted between 1972-1987, but it is an on-going process. There is one meter between each vine and 2.25 meters between each row (4,400 vines per ha), excepting for the youngest vines which are planted 90 cm apart. This all translates into just over 100,000 bottles per year.