About Us

We used to say we owned the most beautiful vineyard in the world. Now we say, the most
beautiful vineyard in the world owns itself. We are merely its guardians.

Jan & Caryl Panman lived and worked in over a dozen countries in all corners of the world before Limoux’s stunning wines stopped them in their tracks.  Now in their second decade here,  they are rooted as deeply to the soils of Rives-Blanques as their vines.  Passion is contagious, and not surprisingly,  tendrils of love for the place, the profession, and the product, have wound themselves around the rest of the family as well. Eric Vialade is a third-generation wine-maker of the highly  respected Languedoc wine-growing family of that same name. Schooled in Bordeaux, winner of more medals than he can count, Eric has run the property with a safe and sure hand for over thirty years, and is an acknowledged pioneer in environmentally friendly viticultural practices.
Jan-Ailbe Panman is a polyglot who came home to await the results of his MA China studies  … and found himself studying the language of wine instead. Now working under the wing of Eric Vialade, he is training to be the next winemaker at Rives-Blanques. Aiding and abetting him is his sister Xaxa, the face of Rives-Blanques abroad, who is often seen pouring and promoting our wines in all parts of the world. Pierre Roque joined the team in 2012 on the retirement of our consultant, the renowned oenologist-agronomist  Georges Pauli. The weight of Pierre’s impressive 25-year career  bears heavily on our quest to make wines that are a true and sincere reflection of our terroir.
Our harvesters are a loyal, and trusty team who return year after year, whose high standards and cheerful willingness can be found in the bottom of each bottle we make. Nine out of our ten wines are harvested by hand. Bacchus took over as Chief Receptionist in 2015 on the death of the universally admired 17-year old Springer Spaniel, Bruno (described by Decanter as “the best nose at Rives-Blanques”),  manning his post from his wine barrel bed outside the tasting room.