Year 2010 came to Rives-Blanques under the paper-white light of a proverbial blue moon the 13th moon of 2009 which comes around well, once in a blue moon. We could have known unusual things would follow: just a week later we were snowed in, cut off, and blanqued out, so to speak. Blanques in name, blanques in nature. True, all of Europe was snow-bound, but this is a vineyard in the South of France, after all. And for us to be trapped on our plateau for days on end, with neither exit nor entry, really is something that happens only once in a blue moon.

But that didn't stop our valiant, in fact downright heroic pruners, who got on and got the job done. It did, however, delay the eagerly anticipated bottling of our Pays d'Oc chardonnay-chenin, out of stock for rather longer than expected (that old blue moon factor again). But as of last week, the first of our 2009 wines is finally in the bottle, and no, we haven't changed its label: this particular example of the 2009 Rives-Blanques chardonnay-chenin again proudly wears the livery of the renowned Music & Literature Festivals of that lovely English city Bath, whose most famous daughter, Jane Austen, was known to have said: I shall drink French wine and be above vulgar Economy ..

(Not a bad idea at that.)

Nothing quite as flat as last year's news, or last week's unfinished glass of fizz. But we cannot let this one remaining remnant of 2009 pass us by: the celebrated wine critic Jancis Robinson wrote up her Top 30 Fizz for Christmas in the Financial Times, late last month. Twenty-six of the thirty were Champagne and of the four non-Champagnes, two were from Limoux. Coming hot on the heels of her article extolling our still wines, such high praise from such high quarters in such close sequence comes only once in a blue moon - and surely is the final accolade for the appellation. (P.S. One of those two top non-champagnes was the Blanquette de Limoux from Rives-Blanques).

Looking ahead now, it's that time of year again when the whole world of Mediterranean wines gathers in Montpellier for Vinisud in February, and we very much hope to see you there, or anyone you think would like to see us and taste our wines. Please note in big, bold black letters: Rives-Blanques, Hall 8, Stand C 43

And if in the meantime, if you have time to kill, say "Cheese!" with white wine and tune in to the two new video clips featuring the Beauty, the Beast and the Oddball from Rives-Blanques on . However, if you don't join us there, or at Vinisud, we look forward to being in touch again this time next month... unless you sign out by clicking



January 31. 2010

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