March 2017: takes another look at the Languedoc, and is “captivated to the glass” by La Trilogie

The talented Tamlyn Currin of Jancis Robinson’s elite team of tasters, takes a look at the Languedoc and Roussillon and applauds the innovation “that is everywhere”,  and  the modern transparency characterising a region whose wine industry stands on a tripod of “diversity, value and innovation”

But she cautions that there is a “problem with the jolly balloons of diversity” in this “dizzying kaleidoscope” , and points a finger at “lots of new world cheap and cheerful lookalikes with fun labels and bright colours”.  Generic chardonnays get a brisk brush-off: “generally drinkable … nothing more.”

Limoux is the exception.

“From Limoux, however, with its cool hills chardonnay turns into something altogether different, a wine with pulse, a wine with dimension”.

Serious wines, “the ones that people will part with good money for, need to prove their worth, have a clear identity and a history of performance that make them trustworthy.” she said,  urging the region not to embrace the ‘here today gone tomorrow’ trend  in wine production.

One of the top scoring wines from the region in this tasting was our Trilogie, which held her “captivated to the glass”. Despite its breadth, this is “a wine that is precise and fine and shimmering and effortlessly so long.  Just so good”  she said.

The full article can be read here.