Jancis Robison writes more about Limoux in the Weekend Financial Times

The most informed and informative article possibly ever written about Limoux was published by The Financial Times 15 November weekend edition.

The world-famous wine critic/writer Jancis Robinson said that Limoux was a ‘surprising enclave’, of interest to ‘anyone seeking French finesse and good value’. She maintains that it has “some of the country’s most interesting chardonnay vineyards” and that “by far the most interesting wines from Limoux are made by a small group of individuals.” She speaks from a uniquely informed postion.

The finest group of wines made here are surprisingly complex, refreshing still chardonnays,” she said, “and the best fizz can be a good value alternative to champagne.”

Rives-Blanques features in her list of the best producers of the Appellation, with all guns firing.

A more easily legible copy can be found on http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/a1b5b6ca-cfe0-11de-a36d-00144feabdc0.html

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