DIARY OF A VINEYARD: December 2016

Saturday December 3

Every one has heard of the FT.  In Holland it translates into a fdpersoonlijk16occitanialook-alike  FD, the country’s leading business and financial newspaper, also printed on those characteristic pink pages. And the Saturday edition comes with a resplendent weekend magazine, today’s with Angela Merkel’s face over the complete cover.  Happen to like and admire Angela Merkel, but we skip over the accompanying in-depth and undoubtedly hugely interesting article to find this: a most wonderful review of our mauzac, Occitania, by a talented chef turned winewriter called Hilary Akers. I mean really  wonderful (right here).   Mrs Merkel looks us straight in the eye, inviting us to share the problems of the world, but instead we remember the FD’s former winewriter, Hubrecht Duijker’s motto: a good wine can help you forget the troubles of the world.  But never let the troubles of the world allow you to forget a good wine …

…/to be continued