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We’ve had a lot of the wrong kind of right weather: a seamless stream of uniformly brilliant sunlit days and clear skies right through the month of March and into April. In a word, pure perfection. But the trouble is, we want rain. Lots of it. So far less than half of what we need […]

VINE LINES APRIL – MAY 2012 A monthly newsletter on the wines, vines and times at Rives-Blanques If this page is a blank, or has lost its pictures, please click here Pretty as a picture: there is a lot going on in the vineyard right now. A pure work of art, you could say. Our […]

Although wary of what we wish for, we wished for winter none the less … and we got it. Here we are: cut off, snowed in, chilled out, and closed down. Rives-Blanques in name, rives blanques in nature. Winter came not a second too soon: in Limoux some vines had already been lulled by a […]

VINE LINES JANUARY 2012 The first sunset of the first day of the New Year at Rives-Blanques, full of promise and portent.  No wonder we feel so optimistic about 2012 …. Here is the winery, reflected in the open door to the tasting room, where all the action is centred this week. That battery of […]

The vineyard is a-flame with the light of 96,800 vines brightly burning gold and burnished amber; Autumn has settled over Rives-Blanques like a rich tweed jacket, and it is beautiful. This month fell in through the roof, as huge swathes of the Languedoc were covered in enough water to launch a ship. The rain over Rives-Blanques […]