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The party’s over.  Last week the last barrel sighed its last long, slow, sigh of fermentation and settled down into silent slumber. Millions of grapes have been picked, sorted and pressed; one hundred thousand litres of liquid sunshine have fermented and been transformed into wine. And this year, it was all pretty painless. Quantity is […]

  Yes, we are keeping our heads down: Harvest 2012 is upon us! This comes to you from the eye of the storm, a lull between the machine harvesting last week and the hand harvesting this week and next.   And no, we are not counting our grapes before they’re picked. Rather, we are counting […]

What our grapes need is a bit of that pedal power, so closely and keenly felt here when the Tour de France wheeled in and then out of Limoux earlier this month. Instead, they have been idling, dawdling, dragging their heels and promising us a harvest that may start considerably later than last year. But […]

Wine competitions can be fickle friends. So we are completely unembarrassed by the embarrassment of riches pouring from our wines: more gold medals from Decanter World Wine Awards than any other vineyard in the Languedoc (La Trilogie and Dédicace); the second gold medal in a row for our pink fizz, Vintage Rose 2009 from the […]

Pretty as a picture: there is a lot going on in the vineyard right now. A pure work of art, you could say. Our vines, and the barley and vetch growing between them have been joyfully gulping down all the rain free-falling from the skies this month … rain that should have fallen in January. […]