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Meet Ahmed, our former foreman who comes out of retirement now and then to help with the important things in life, like planting the poles that support the wires that support the young vines that were planted this Spring… People ask, “When’s your quiet time?” – and we still haven’t found the answer. But it’s […]

DOG DAYS AT RIVES-BLANQUES, July 2015   It’s the Canicule! A stultifying, stupefying, grinding, relentless, unforgiving and exhausting heat not experienced in over 100 years, they say … but the grapes are magnificent: no sign of stress or thirst (yet).  Unlike us.   Here’s a bit of trivia for you. Canicule comes from the Latin Canicula, the […]

A glass of sunshine: Limoux’s new-look logo (above)   The wettest March in recorded history, followed by what seemed to be the sunniest April, puts us firmly into Spring, as you will see from this little video. The vines are lapping it all up, moving rapidly from from bud-break to the formation of tiny little […]

This has been a momentous year, even before it has got going.  But the blaze of brilliant sunsets splashed across our horizon every day this month surely can only mean a more beautiful tomorrow.     Well, the good news is, our Pays d’Oc est arrivé! Yes, the chardonnay-chenin blanc is back on tap. We […]