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“Better a good Crémant than a mediocre Champagne” says the authorative voice of Gault Millau in their latest April-May edition.  Bad champagnes dressing themselves up with important names such as Veuve Machin (The Widow Gadget) or Baron Truc (Tricky Baron) come no where close to this small selection of nineteen ‘gems’ from around the country. […]

Tomas Clancy, the wine writer of Ireland’s leading financial newspaper, devoted column inches commensurate with the size of the Languedoc to an in-depth article on “France’s most mysterious wine region”. Centred on Rives-Blanques, “one of the rising stars” of the region, Clancy highlighted five Rives-Blanques wines, ranging from our Blanquette de Limoux (endowed with “the […]

“French agriculture used to be wholly organic” say the French wine experts Bettane & Desseauve in the latest issue of Terre de Vins , “but in the 20th century, when a war-torn country had to be rebuilt, and a hungry and thirsty population needed to forget all its privations, intensive and systematic use of chemical […]

The glossy Dutch magazine read largely by expatriates  living in France or those who wish they did, came out with a special Aude feature in this edition.  An in-depth article  concentrated on the ‘world famous’ wines from Rives-Blanques, with emphasis on its ‘unusually high quality’ Blanquette de Limoux, the favourite fizz produced by the vineyard.