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It all crowds in on us this month. So far this year, life has been quite complicated: either too dry or too wet; either too cold or too hot – now the time has come to get our act together and do the Goldilocks thing: “just right”. The month opens on cue with brilliant blue […]

Wary of what we ask for, we say cautiously at the beginning of this month, “Rain, please”. A burst of brilliant and uncharacteristically warm weather last month pushed the vines into overdrive, and where two weeks ago there was not a leaf to be seen, May day brought with it the first sightings of tiny […]

April fooled us into thinking that the long – too long – winter was over, and as the month opened there was a real spring in its step: moments of truly jaw-dropping, utterly astonishing, astounding beauty that left us gawking and gaping at the horizon, now so suddenly painted with the pristine, unfaltering outlines of […]

March seemed over and done with before it had even begun. At the beginning of the month, Spring and ProWein, coming in on one single breath, were far away and manageably distant, yet with each day they gallop ever closer like an unreined double-headed horse. The rider is Limoux’s carnival, also headed for the exact […]

February finds us tuned and pruned and basking in the alpenglow of the Pyrenees. This is a big month in the calendar of a small vineyard, as the wheels grind into motion for the onslaught of various wine trade fairs. Making wine is one thing, but selling it is quite another: a tough job, but […]