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Friday May 3 Air travel: the fastest means of transport for people in a hurry who have the most time to kill.  And here we are killing time at London Heathrow – not one, but two cancelled flights, and today’s arrival in the USA postponed until some time late tomorrow afternoon. Tuesday May 7 My […]

This is the stay-at-home month when concentrated effort is what we’re concentrating on. The vines are pruned, their branches securely tied, and we wait and watch the next step: buds breaking through the old wood of the vines. Once life starts moving, it starts moving fast. The cool weather and  rain we have had so […]

Record-breaking amounts of snow have fallen on the Pyrenees.  Down here, at  350 m altitude,  we normally can expect about 600 mm of rainfall a year … and so far we have already had almost a third of that.   Things are going pretty much according to plan, though if a lot of rain has fallen […]

There’s snow in them thar hills, and we feel it creeping down on us, step by step. Fair do’s, it is February after all – but we have rather a lot of vines still to prune. At least we are getting the winter rain we so dearly love and cherish. In the cellars, the 2012 […]

The new year 2013 totally consumes  us even before it has had half a chance  to properly begin.  January: the Wine Professional Fair in Amsterdam, and Millesime Bio in Montpellier; February: Vinisud Asia  in Shanghai; March: ProWein in Dusseldorf … but it is still only January, and we haven’t even begun the stuff that’s already […]