October 2010: Cuvée Occitania takes to the skies as The Special Wine on board KLM …

The wine menu on KLM’s World Business Class states that the company goes to great lengths to find original and interesting wines for its passengers.

Witness and beneficiary of this policy is the Limoux mauzac from Chateau Rives-Blanques, a one-of-a-kind wine, which again has taken to the skies with KLM, and given the kudos of being called KLM’s Special White Wine.

With such a discerning and democratic catering team, apparently unafraid of venturing into the free skies beyond the constraints of household name chateaux and grape varieties (although they are there too), it is no surprise that this airline won the prize for the best airline wine list.

We salute them for this, and are proud that our mauzac is flying high with the ‘safe, reliable Dutch’ – who turn out to be much more adventurous than their old advertising slogan suggests.

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