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Rose Murray Brown MW, the respected wine writer of Scotland’s most respected newspaper, tasted some wines produced by the Outsiders.  The Outsiders are a group of winemakers who have come to the Languedoc from other regions or other countries.  Of the wines she tasted, she selected a handful for the March 2 edition of the […]

Frank van der Auwera is one of Belgium’s most poetic and original Flemish  wine writers, known for his  uncanny insights and exuberant expression.    His Bible to the top 300 wines under € 10 a bottle has single-handedly moved between 100,000 and 200,000 bottles in the Belgian market.  For this edition nearly 600 Belgian wine […]

Limoux challenges his imagination, says Andrew Jefford  in this in-depth report on its wines for his Monday column in They  have  « an alluring combination of breadth and freshness », the renowned wine-writer says. In this,  the first of two articles, he concentrated on the sparkling wines. « Are they now France’s best Crémants? » he asks  » […]