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« We presume an excellent millésime 2011″ says Limoux’s wine syndicate, pointing out that the grapes are glowing with health and happiness, weigh about 30% more than last year, and look really good.  So we are presuming too.  It’s been a curious lead-up; some say all the up/down weather we’ve been having is because of this […]

The weather continues erratic, one day hot one day cold, one day clear one day cloudy, and the wild flowers are spreading like wildfire.  More important, the grapes are perfect.  Beautiful, big, fat, bountiful bunches hanging like fresh laundry on the vines.  The vines themselves are lush, verdant, even edible to look at.  So far […]

Flowering’s finished!  Plummeting temperatures at the beginning of the month were too late to nip our grapes in the bud, and torrential downpours only helped to fill up our reserves of groundwater.  The flowering of the vines is really, really important, and it went off without a hitch.  Textbook perfect.  Now we can set our […]

Every month we say this is the best month to be at Rives-Blanques.  Well, April really is.  The place is redolent with wild flowers, birdsong, and  vines full of burgeoning  buds and bonhommie.  It’s  a ‘wish you were here’ postcard from paradise, signed by mountains singing on our horizon and the smile of a brilliant […]