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Every month we say this is the best month to be at Rives-Blanques.  Well, April really is.  The place is redolent with wild flowers, birdsong, and  vines full of burgeoning  buds and bonhommie.  It’s  a ‘wish you were here’ postcard from paradise, signed by mountains singing on our horizon and the smile of a brilliant […]

The beginning begins.  All the vines are pruned, there’s plenty of ground water deep down, the days are growing longer and warmer – and we all start looking towards the harvest, vines included.  Vintage 2011 is already in the making, and there is no going back.  So March puts us outdoors and indoors …. and […]

Just when we were beginning to wonder if the vines might get the wrong idea and think Spring had already started, a cold snap snipped right through our warm days, cutting them into ribbons of ice. Winter is still winter after all. We are reassured. The first days of the month were too cold to […]

The calendar’s clock moves its hands from 10 to 11: enter the second decade of Rives-Blanques. The first ten years were spent establishing a name and a reputation. The focus of the second decade, starting from today like a good resolution, is to make wines that are a closer and finer expression of their ‘terroir’. […]