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Another one of those months that threatens to be over and done before it has begun. On the one hand, pruning continues its slow and steady pace – yet it races ahead and will all be finished by the end of the month. And all the canes fixed to the trellis. And the pruned wood […]

Friday 7 February We arrive in Aberdeenshire, and it is warmer in the lowlands of the Scottish highlands than it is in Cépie, the highlands of the French lowlands.   There’s  a blue sky, flocks of fluffy sheep on snow-clad hills, and a bolt of sunshine moving at a measured pace across the sky.  We […]

This new year woke up with a shock before it had even properly got going, indelibly stamping it as a vintage of reflection and resolution, and making it difficult, in the French fashion, to wish people a ‘happy New Year’ the whole month through. Charlie will not easily be forgotten. But we have incredible sunsets […]

The last barrels have finished fermenting, and all the grape juice has now turned into wine. The vines know that the game is over: their leaves turn gold and then drop, one by one, to the ground. Birds swarm overhead and prepare to migrate. Suddenly the weather is colder, and a warning chill blows down […]

Glorious September continued into glorious November, and summer sits on our plateau like a guest who won’t leave. Just when you think it’s on its way out,  it leans forward and says, “Well all right then, just another little one please.  If  you insist”, and lingers for another round.   It is utterly magnificent.  That’s […]