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Well, that was July, that was. The third hottest July in France since 1900, with less than half the normal rainfall. And now we are in August, contemplating our grapes and their impending harvest. They look great (touch wood). In fact, never seen such picture-perfect vines in all our fifteen years here. Beautiful, healthy, happy; […]

Canicule!  The proper, state-approved definition is that this heat has to last three consecutive days and nights, with varying degrees of degree, depending on where you are.  If you are in Toulouse, our nearest ‘big’ city, then it should be a minimum of 36 degrees by day and 21 by night for three days in […]

Monday June 1 – 3 Thanks for the memories We land at Hong Kong’s “new” international airport on Lantau Island, not at the nail-biting Kai-tak airport where I learned to fly about 550 moons ago: the first of many illustrations of how time flies, so to speak.   It seems like yesterday, that terrifying, exhilarating […]

The wettest March in recorded history, followed by what seemed to be the sunniest April put the vines fair and square into May, doing all the right things at the right time. Growing. Glowing. Racing ahead and raring to go – Vintage 2015 has got off to a great start. Friday May 1 Celebration! Some […]

The huge excitement this month centres on the purchase of a new toy.  It ploughs deeper, better, stronger than the old plough – or than the considerably cheaper one that is also on offer.  So that keeps half of us busy.  The other half is trying to grab time to enjoy a string of brilliant, […]