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There’s snow in them thar hills, and we feel it creeping down on us, step by step. Fair do’s, it is February after all – but we have rather a lot of vines still to prune. At least we are getting the winter rain we so dearly love and cherish. In the cellars, the 2012 […]

The new year 2013 totally consumes  us even before it has had half a chance  to properly begin.  January: the Wine Professional Fair in Amsterdam, and Millesime Bio in Montpellier; February: Vinisud Asia  in Shanghai; March: ProWein in Dusseldorf … but it is still only January, and we haven’t even begun the stuff that’s already […]

We had it all this year: heart-stopping moments, extreme cold, extreme heat – late flowering of the vines, hail in the neighbourhood just before the harvest …  and now the wines are meditating away in the dark quiet of our cellars, and all is well with the world.  It was an interesting year, a challenging […]

As if they know the game is over, the vines start glowing gold, and a fire of burnished bronze sweeps over the vineyard.  It is Autumn and the party is over.  Inside the cellars, all the barrels have finished fermenting, excepting for the Late Harvest, and a happy silence reigns.  It is Autumn indeed.  In […]

September came to our plateau in October; the weather we wanted for the harvest rolled out and covered the vines in sunshine and light. Only trouble is, the harvest was basically over. And as if they know the game is up, the vines start turning yellow, slowly burning burnished gold over our fields. This promises […]