August 2017: French wine Guide Dessert-Gerber published its 2018 edition with praise for Rives-Blanques wines.

The 2018 edition of the French wine Guide Dessert Gerber was published at the end of August, with a number of interesting tasting notes on Rives-Blanques wines.

The “excellent” Rives-Blanques Blanquette de Limoux is “lively and very agreeable (….), a good partner for sushi”, the author said.  The Crémant rosé, Vintage Rose, “blends taste with distinction”, while the Blanc de Blancs is “ample and floral – very elegant”, he added.

Our Limoux chardonnay, Odyssée is characterised by “finesse and structure.”

Dédicace, the Limoux Chenin blanc,  has hints of acacia alongside notes of fresh fruit, unlike the un-oaked Chenin blanc, Aude à la Joie, where notes of rose and blackberry prevail.  Enjoy this with a cod prepared in coconut with capers, or langoustines in ginger, Mr Dussert-Gerber advised.

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