A trophy to be proud of …

Six white wines were among the sixteen chosen by a panel of top international judges, including the Best Sommelier of France.  to represent the “diversity of style, expression, authenticity and sensitivity” of the country wines made in  that “huge space of liberty”, the Languedoc.                                                                    

We are truly proud that our chardonnay-chenin blanc IGP vin de Pays d’Oc is among them.                                             

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The trophy and the gold medal awarded to these wines are both designed around the only florin ever made in Montpellier, a gold coin ordered by the King of France,  Jean le Bon on 21 February 1360: a link with the past that is “synonymous with excellence and rarity”, says the Vins Pays d’Oc, official representatives of the country wines of the world’s biggest vineyard, the Languedoc,   and organizers of this competition.